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Important News on Climate Change:

The Earth’s tectonic plates made the Himalayas — and could rip them apart
Lakes in Himalayan Plateau gradually transitioning to carbon sinks from sources: Study
Scientists declare Hindu Kush Himalaya a biosphere on brink of ‘collapse’
Himalayan treelines might be climbing higher in response to climate change
Over 17,000 tree species face heightened risk of extinction due to global change
Global warming will reach 1.5C threshold this decade
Era Of Global Warming Ends, Era Of Global Boiling Has Arrived": UN Chief
July declared hottest month ever recorded in human history
Rapidly retreating Ladakh glacier may create new lakes
Mount Everest on edge: Earth's highest mountain lost 2,000 years' worth of ice in just 30 years
Scale up Public and Private Investments in Climate Change to Fund Climate Action in India: Experts at IIT Madras Roundtable Meet
Global warming breaches 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold in summer for the first time: report
Climate change likely led to violence in early Andean populations
16 Asian countries at risk as climate change threatens water supplies
A major Greenland glacier is melting away with the tide, which could signal faster sea level rise, study finds
The Himalayas’ Vanishing Act: Underestimated Glacier Loss Unveiled
UN reports 'off the charts' melting of glaciers
New glacial lakes pose threat to Himalayas (The New Indian Express)
Hidden Glacier Meltdown: Satellites Miss Underwater Ice Loss in Himalayas (SciTechDaily)
Climate change may have increased frequency of earthquakes in Himalayas, says Minister of Earth Sciences (The Hindu)
Glacial Melt is Dispossessing Nepal’s Indigenous Communities (The Diplomat)
Glaciers May Melt Even Faster Than Expected, Study Finds (Scientific American)
Shrinking glaciers (Tribune India)
Carbon credit: Understanding the concept, its evolution and implications (Energy World)
Majority of Himalayan glaciers melting at varying rates: Govt to Parl panel (
New research highlights an overlooked accelerant of ice loss from Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier (
The Greenland Ice Sheet is close to a melting point of no return, says new study (
How cleaning up pollution may be heating the planet​ (
Excess mercury in atmosphere found to be coming from the world's oceans (
Not just land, scientists discover heat waves roiling at the bottom of oceans (INDIA TODAY)
Over 400 mn Indians to suffer because of climate-triggered calamities: Experts (Greater Kashmir)
Global warming: मनाली-लेह मार्ग पर 30 से घटकर 15 फीट रह गईं बर्फ की दीवारें, पर्यावरणविदों की बढ़ी चिंता (अमर उजाला)
EDITORIAL ANALYSIS : A climate change survival guide to act on (The Hindu)
IPCC Report Says 3.5∘C Warming Imminent;Immediate Govt. Intervention Crucial to Prevent Climate Disaster (The Weather Channel)
India faces the highest risk from climate change's impact, says IPCC (Business Standard)
‘Not doing enough’: IPCC report warns global warming will breach critical threshold by 2030 (The Indian Express)
Seeing burgeoning demand, Himachal to promote exotic fruits, vegetables (The Tribune)
Kashmir: How Glacier Melt Is Triggering a Change in Land Use Patterns (The WIRE)
A Devastating Toxin Is Bubbling Up From the Permafrost (The Atlantic)
Climate change and catfight in the Himalayas: tigers, leopards venture into snow leopard land (MONGABAY)
शिमला में फरवरी की रात सबसे गर्म, तापमान सामान्य से 11 डिग्री सेल्सियस अधिक (NDTV India)
Faced with the great glacier melt (The Tribune)
India's Agriculture Is Feeling the Effects of Extreme Weather Events (The WIRE)
These 2 Indian cities are at high risk due to sea level rise: Report (Hindustan Times)
Glacial melt in Indus raises water concerns (Hindustan Times)
Himalayan snow is turning black, melting faster: IITM (The Times of India)

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